About LEE Chamberlin

We Engineer to Serve.

Serving clients, building relationships, and bettering communities throughout Iowa has always been our priority. Solving the problems of our clients is what drives us, and our civil engineering services are geared towards engineering great outcomes and creating long-lasting solutions to every project that comes our way.

With our all-encompassing experience and services, we are the reliable choice when you’re lookng to complete any civil engineering or land surveying project. No matter who you are, we engineer to serve you.

Our Expertise

LEE Chamberlin Consultant Engineers specializes in providing comprehensive planning, design, and construction services to any private or public sector civil engineering project. Our philosophy is to integrate both design and construction into a centralized project management approach, reducing the time and costs required to complete a project and relieving our client of coordinating the efforts.

Mark Lee, the owner of LEE Chamberlin, is a senior entrepreneurial engineer and land surveyor with more than 30 years of experience managing projects and providing professional recommendations. His experience as an Iowa DOT project manager, a city engineer, a county engineer, and a consultant provides our company with the flexibility to adapt to nearly any project requirement. Our consultant engineers are unique in the land development industry in our ability to provide effective, flexible, and comprehensive service to our clients and create permanent solutions.

Meet Our Civil Engineering Team

Mark L. Lee P.E., P.L.S.
Mark founded LEE Chamberlin after over a decade of experience in different professional engineering roles. Being a results-oriented achiever, he has the ability to design and successfully implement economic solutions for a variety of different markets.
He is a strong leader with the ability to monitor, update, and successfully meet construction schedules and finish at or under budget. While off the job, Mark’s personal life is full of many blessings including his wife, children, grandchildren, and a great church family, which he supports actively in youth ministry and foreign country missions.
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Rob Hochstetler, P.E.
Civil Engineer
As a licensed Professional Engineer since 2003, Rob Hochstetler has been responsible for a diverse range of projects throughout his time as a civil engineer. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University in 1998, Rob started building up his 22 years of experience as a civil engineer with multiple engineering firms across Iowa.
Rob’s primary focus throughout his career has been on water resources which includes computer storm water modeling, drainage reports, design of water detention basins, and much more. While he enjoys focusing on water resources, Rob also does a little bit of everything here at LEE Chamberlin and has been involved with the design of multi-family housing developments and various municipal projects that have immensely improved many Central Iowa communities.
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Henry Lee
Operations Manager
Javier Gimeno Plaza
Senior Civil Engineering Technician
A skilled survey manager, design technician, and engineer, Javier Plaza is really a jack of all trades when it comes to the civil engineering business. Javier is originally from Valencia, Spain, and has 20 years of experience in Consultant Engineering, Construction,
and Industrial Manufacturing. He started his career pursuing land surveying practices in Spain and eventually found his way to LEE Chamberlin where he keeps our projects right on track by being organized, detail oriented, and adaptable. Javier considers it very important to be able to communicate professionally to understand customer’s needs and to work as a team towards our goals.
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David Zobrist
Engineer in Training
As a certified Engineer in Training, David Zobrist is out in the field and on site every day, surveying, staking, and making sure our projects will look as good in person as they do on paper. David is originally from Spencer, Iowa, and graduated from Iowa State University in 2019.
Outside of work, David does home renovation projects, plays soccer and golf, and playing with his dogs, but at work, he believes that getting to see every project through from beginning to the construction staking to finally setting the property pins is the best part of his job here at LEE Chamberlin.
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Todd Larson
Civil Engineering Technician

Todd Larson was born and raised in Marshalltown, Iowa and decided to move to the Des Moines area in 1995 where he has built up an abundance of experience in drafting and design. Todd has worked on projects in a variety of areas including mechanical, electrical, architectural, and now civil engineering design.

Todd originally got into this line of work because he enjoys the challenges of new projects and the satisfaction of seeing the completed work, and his 30 years of experience in drafting, design, and CAD management are a great addition to the LEE Chamberlin team as we continue to successfully complete projects.
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Tara Webster
Civil Engineering Technician

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Tara Webster is a recent graduate from Iowa State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering. While Tara’s interest in math and agriculture led to her choice of major, her interest in getting real world experience led her to LEE Chamberlin.

She enjoys the amount of opportunity that a small company brings and appreciates that she is already being trusted with her own part in projects. When Tara’s not at work, she can be seen riding her horses and spending time with her dog, Nuggie.
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Richard Taylor
Field Technician

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Richard Taylor brings 8 years of masonry experience to the LEE Chamberlin team. As a survey crew member and field technician, Richard spends most of his time out in the field where he enjoys seeing a project from start to finish and 

completing everyday tasks that vary day to day depending on the job. Richard believes that good communications between our office and the field is crucial because being on the same page and knowing the proper structures, coordinates, elevations, and attributes of a site is important to getting a project done correctly for our clients.
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Scott Bruce
Field Technician

David Scott Bruce is originally from Danville, Indiana but made the move to Iowa a few years ago. Since moving to Iowa, he’s married his elementary school sweetheart, became a proud foster dad, and fortunately joined the LEE Chamberlin team. Scott brings 14 years of survey experience to our survey crew

and thoroughly enjoys looking at the projects he’s worked on and knowing that he’s played a part in improving peoples’ lives and our country’s infrastructure. When he’s not out in the field surveying, Scott enjoys hunting, fishing, and being active in his church and community.
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Morgan Hurd
Business and Project Development Manager

From a small town in Northwest Iowa, Morgan Hurd graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. While she enjoys creating art and being with friends and family in her free time, she uses her versatility and skills in project management,

BIM software, and graphic design to create project visuals and presentations, communicate with clients and co-workers, and take on new challenges and projects as they arise. Morgan enjoys the wide array of responsibilities that her job at LEE Chamberlin entails and loves being able to show our clients a real-life perspective of what their project will look like when our team is done with it.
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