Comprehensive Engineering Process

LEE Chamberlin’s Project Guidance

We understand that large projects such as housing developments, highway design, or commercial construction are big undertakings that require a lot of coordination, communication, and consistency. We strive to not only engineer a great outcome, but also make it easier for your business or organization throughout the process. Our commitment to your project is evident as we guide the project from start to finish through our extensive project process.

Process Steps for Our Engineering Services


Land and Title Surveys

We’ll start your project with surveys and research. This includes researching and preparing land surveys, reviewing title certificates, and ALTA surveys. The first step may also include the coordination of further environmental investigation if necessary. We’ll perform the preparation needed to make your project a success.

A LEE Chamberlin technician is performing an engineering survey on a city road.


Topographic Surveys

This step includes data collection of the existing site and pertinent surrounding information. We’ll take this data, download it, and then reduce it in an Autocad (DWG) format or Intergraph (DGN) format. Along with this collection of data, we’ll use a different leveling system if necessary and provide TIN or contour files.


Municipal and State Government Coordination

Large projects that affect the community will likely need extensive regulatory coordination. We aid in this by providing contact and supply information to development projects according to current regulations. Members of our team will also attend public meetings to provide informational presentations for use in the government decision-making process.


Design Assistance

The design step is where our engineering expertise greatly benefits this process. We’ll provide all facets of development design including, but not limited to, conceptual planning, traffic analysis, site design, roadway layout, culvert design determination, and storm drainage design as needed for your project. Our knowledge of current governmental design guidelines and standards is key throughout this step, and we’ll keep that in mind throughout the process phases. 


LEE Chamberlin engineering consultants overseeing road construction.


Construction Administration

Once the design is approved and the construction phase starts, our team will perform administrative services. This phase of the process includes construction review, on-site material testing, construction staking, review documentation, pay estimate request review, and extra work order preparation as some of the many services available to ensure product quality. 


Ongoing Approval Process

The entire project will consist of continued client updates at each stage of the approval process. We’ll look at these updates along with their relationship to the anticipated schedule with re-evaluation if necessary.

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