City of Grimes SW 19th Street Grading and Paving Improvements

Improving Roadway Quality to Better Serve the Community.

SW 19th Street outside of Grimes used to be a gravel road, but in 2019, LEE Chamberlin was tasked with turning that gravel road into a full depth HMA roadway. Making the switch from gravel to a paved roadway not only improved the quality of the roadway but it also provided much needed access to the newly built Dallas Center-Grimes Community School.

Taking place from May 2019 to November 2019, this project was designed, let, and constructed in just 7 months. From land surveying through to construction administration, our team worked hard both in the office and out in the field to get this project completed for the City of Grimes so that it could better serve the community as soon as possible.

Scope of Services

Location: Grimes, Iowa

Status: Completed

Start Date: May 2019

End Date: November 2019

Client: City of Grimes

Project type: Municipal HMA Roadway Paving and Grading Improvements

Services Provided: Land Surveying, Roadway Design, Storm Water Managment, Civil Engineering, Construction Administration

The Project

The 1.75 mile project consisted of a mostly rural design cross-section with culverts and widening. Some urban cross section was used at the intersections, especially with the redesign of the intersection of James Street and 19th Street.

The main part of this project was the resurfacing of SW 19th Street from County Line Road to S James Street. This was completed with a full depth HMA pavement and granular subbase with cement treated subgrade. No right-of-way acquisition were required for the project. The project came in under budget by $300,000 at a cost of $1,370,000 with no federal funding used. See the pictures below to get a glimpse of this project!

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